What Credit Cards I’m Using Now

Ink Plus Landing Page
Ink Plus Landing Page

The most common question I get is “When is your next trip?’  The second most frequent question is from a certain subset of traveling friends who want to know what credit cards they should be applying for, and what credit cards I’m using now.  They know that the bulk of my travel is paid for by credit card bonuses.  I am not a credit card affiliate marketer, so I think that my advise is pretty much impartial.  This post is for those of you who have been wondering “what I’ve been up to lately” with my credit cards.

We applied for Citi AA MasterCards in the early spring.  There were three people in the family that applied, and we have all gotten our 50K mile bonuses with $3000 spend on each of these cards.  This brought each person’s AAdvantage accounts up to 100k miles, which is where I like to keep them.  One family member already has a trip planned to England in the fall using these miles.

I recently received the Chase Ink Plus Visa for 50,000 Ultimate Rewards points with $5000 spend in 3 months.  I am working on meeting the minimum spend right now.  We have some upcoming medical bills that should knock this out in short order. The UR points will probably be transferred to United, where I like to keep a balance of 120K points.

A fourth family member recently received another 50K mile Citi AA card, and we will be working on that $3000 minimum spend after the Ink Plus spend is completed.

I continue to put spend on my United Mileage Plus Club card because I get 1.5 miles/$ on it.  I’m buying American Express Gift Cards with this one.

I’m now in the final push to put as much spend as I can on the SunTrust Delta SkyMiles debit card.  The rules change completely in two days.  I will be waiting for the miles to post in early August, then I will be canceling this account.  More on this later.


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