Using Rome2Rio to Plan Trips

Rome2Rio is a great website that I have used often in my trip planning over the past year or so. You input your starting point and destination into their search bar, and you will get options for flying, driving, and taking public transportation. In my previous post, I talked about a possible trip to either Guatelmala or Hondurus in the next couple of weeks.  I will show how I used Rome2Rio to decide to visit both countries on an open jaw (fly into one airport, and fly out of another) itinerary.

I am familiar with what there is to see in Guatemala, and I knew that Roatan and other islands on the Honduran coast offered great snorkeling and diving.  So I sat down at the computer and searched for info on Hondurus (This preliminary info gathering is my favorite part of trip planning.) The Mayan ruins at Copan Ruinas kept coming up as a “do not miss” site.  If we went to Hondurus, we would fly into Tegucigalpa.  I went to Rome2Rio and started my search from this city to Copan.

r2r search tegus to copan

The search shows a major bus route from Tegucigalpa to Copan.

r2r full screen tegus copan

I have drawn a red circle around the bus route that we would take.  If you click on this it shows you details of the route.

r2r bus detail

On the route map you can see that Copan is right next to the Guatemalan border, and that Guatemala City is not very far to the west.  Why not continue on to Guatemala City and fly back from there?  This thought appeals to me, because this route eliminates a backtrack to Tegucigalpa, and seat availability is much better on the return from Guatemala City than from Tegucigalpa.

r2r full screen copan gua

Guatemala City is only a four hour bus ride from Copan! Now we have the beginnings of a travel plan–an open jaw depart ATL-TGU return GUA-ATL.

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  1. Ha, ha! The runway looks pretty short, and it seems like there were some crosswinds too. Yes the landing at St. Barts is pretty scary, when you fly over that ridge and BAM, there’s the (short) runway!

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