Using a Cruise Ship as a Home Office

While most of us cruise to relax and escape the pressures of our everyday life and jobs, there are those that cruise just for the unique work environment that it provides.  I’ll give you examples of two entrepreneurs who use cruise ships as a home office.

Super Mario

Super Mario Riding the RCCL Flowrider
Super Mario Riding the RCCL Flowrider

Mario Salcedo, also known as Super Mario, lives on Royal Caribbean cruise ships.  He retired from the corporate world about 20 years ago and has been sailing ever since.  He now manages investment portfolios from his stateroom, and has been known to place trades while at sea.  He keeps a condo in Miami, but is only there on turn-around days.  While at port, he will pick up mail, drop off and pick up laundry and do any business he can’t do at sea.

He spends about $60K a year on cruising.  He has kept track of his cruising costs and booking dates, and says that booking as early as possible results in the lowest cruise costs (most of the time.)  He uses miles-earning credit cards to pay for his cruises, and uses the miles earned to book flights to ports when he is not sailing out of Miami.

He only sails on Royal Caribbean.  When he first started cruising he tried several lines, but he fell in love with layout of Royal’s Voyager, and has remained loyal to Royal ever since.  His favorite ship is now the Liberty.


Tynan, who likes to be called just Tynan, stands in perfect counterpoint to Super Mario in his life and cruising habits.  Tynan is only in his early 30’s but already has several ventures under his entrepreneurial belt.  He made money as a professional card player for about 7 years, and has written several books that he sells on Amazon.  I got the picture below from his page on Amazon, where you can buy Kindle editions of his eclectic oeuvres–Superhuman Social Skills, Superhuman By Habit, Make Her Chase You, Life Nomadic, and The Tiniest Mansion.  He loves to write and program on board ships.  He doesn’t have any loyalty to any particular line–he looks for cruises that are fairly long and have a low cost-per-day.

Tynan--Blogger, Author, Minimalist
Tynan–Blogger, Author, Minimalist

His current project is the cruise search and booking engine CruiseSheet I haven’t figured out which agency actually books your cruise when you use this site, but it is a great stand-alone cruise search tool.  It is the only one that I know of that adds the taxes and fees into the initial price.  He writes an interesting blog at that I subscribe to.

Why They Like to Work on Cruise Ships

If you are doing work from cruise ships, you really can’t depend on the internet.  Even when you have it available, it is often slow and undependable.  But there is so much productive work you can do when you are “unplugged” and can focus on ideas.  Tynan likes to work without distractions. Depending on whom you are traveling with, this could be your stateroom, but there are always areas of a ship where you could sit down and work undisturbed until hunger forces you to visit the buffet.  You also have all your needs taken care of, so you can focus solely on work.  Tynan loves cruises with many sea days, so he can work without the distraction of visiting interesting ports!

I get the impression that Mario has his clients portfolios set up so that they only require occasional tweaking.  Good managers leave their investors’ porfolios alone for the most part, but they do require some oversight.  This Mario could easily do at sea.

Mario’s lifestyle is cruising, and he works when he needs to while he is cruising.  Tynan has a lot of other things going on in his life, but uses long cruises to get bursts of work done.  There are others that spend most of their time at sea, but they are retired or otherwise financially independent.  Mario and Tynan have set up businesses that can be done anywhere by computer, but they choose to use cruise ships as their “home office.”

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