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What It’s Like to Buy a Big Boat

Our New Boat

We have just completed the process of buying a live aboard boat, and in many ways the process is more complicated and expensive than buying a house.

Cruising / Great Loop / Living on Cruise Ships / etc.

What Happened to My Virtual Cruise Life?

Holland America July 10 Itinerary

My little project “My Virtual Cruise Life” got put on hold as we got swept away in searching for and getting a boat under contract.

Cruising / Great Loop

A New Kind of Cruising–the Great Loop

America's Great Loop

We have decided to buy a boat and cruise all or part of America’s Great Loop.  This is a 6000+ mile route consisting mostly of  rivers, lakes and protected intercoastal waterways.  You DO need your own boat, however, so we are in the process of looking for a 36 foot trawler to begin our cruise.