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Maybe I Could Do Credit Card Touring?

Loaded Down for Bike Touring

I think I may have found a way to get into bike touring.  The concept is called “credit card touring.”  This is a lazy and lightweight way to do some miles on your bicycle.  You don’t carry much more than a “credit card” when you tour.

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Our Driving Tour of the Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

Art Installation Metis Gardens, Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec

After being home most of the summer, we overcompensated by taking an unresearched driving trip through the Gaspe Peninsula of Quebec.  We circumnavigated the Peninsula on Route 132, stopping at lighthouses, historical monuments and scenic views.  The Long Drive You may wonder why we decided to drive from Georgia all the way up to easternmost Quebec.  It was basically an unplanned trip.  The first part of the summer was taken up with a family member’s doctor’s appointments and ongoing medical care.  We had a family reunion right in the middle of the summer, and we needed to be back

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5000 Mile Roadtrip Georgia to Quebec Completed!

Beach at Forillon National Park Gaspe

We just put 5000 miles on my new car by driving from middle Georgia to the end of the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec and back.  We liked the Gaspe but were also enjoyed New Brunswick and the Blue Ridge and Skyline Parkway drives.