Camping / The West

East to Devils Tower and the Badlands

Devils Tower from the Base Trail

Thermopolis, WY was the most western point on our trip.  After we concluded our visit there, we headed east through the Big Horn Mountains into South Dakota towards Devils Tower and the Badlands.


2017 Eclipse Day in Wyoming With New Friends

We finally found a place where we weren’t run off to watch the eclipse.  The eclipse itself wasn’t as spectacular as I thought it would be, but the sharing the experience with our new friends made it special.

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Eclipse 2017–Setting Up Our Staging Area in Wyoming

Trail Riding in La Bonte Canyon WY

We did not know how crowded and crazy it would be along the path of the total eclipse in Wyoming.  We wanted to be in place several days beforehand, but we kept getting kicked out of areas that we thought were on public land.

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Four Nights from Georgia to Wyoming–Eclipse Trip 2017

Looking Out Over the Nebraska Sand Hills

We worked our way quickly west to stage ourselves for the eclipse.  We camped along lakes in Mississippi and Arkansas, in the sand hills of Nebraska, and finally in our beloved Wyoming mountains.

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The Long Road to the Eclipse

2017 Eclipse Road Trip Route

We took a long road trip to Wyoming to see the total eclipse.  We could have made a day trip to north Georgia to see it, but we’ve been wanting to return to the West for a long time.  We decided to kill two birds with one stone by seeing the eclipse out in Wyoming.