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Using Cruise Critic Forums for Cruise Planning

Cruise Critic Landing Page

I use Cruise Critic extensively for all aspects of cruise planning.  In this post I’ll go into detail about how I use the Cruise Critic forums to find cheap parking and plan shore days.

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Pretravel Planning–Part 5–Touring Plans & Logistics

Here’s the packet of papers that I’ve organized in chronological order for our next trip, which is a 7-day Mediterranean cruise.  I just need to add our boarding passes.  I’ll print off the off-site airport parking information but that won’t go with us–it’ll stay in the car. What I bring depends on the resources I’ve used to plan the trip.  On this trip I used the following: Internet searches We have a long layover in Amsterdam on the outbound.  If we’re not too jet-lagged, we’ll store our carry-on bags at AMS and take the train into Amsterdam and perhaps