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Cruise Air Cheaper Than Ten Years Ago!

ITA Matrix New York to Copenhagen Roundtrip

As I was doing research for a Baltic cruise this summer, I found that round trip airfare costs the same or less than it did ten years ago!

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Use Airline Miles or Pay Cash? How We Decide

George Clooney Should I Use Miles or Pay Cash

Our family took numerous flights this spring.  In each case we had to decide whether we would redeem airline miles or pay cash for tickets.  In most cases, we used miles if we could get a valuation of at least 1.5¢ per mile for our airline miles.

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Redux–Case Study–Cruising for $39/night! Finding it and getting there

While I’m on vacation, I’ve scheduled a few of my more popular posts to appear.  Right now I’m on a cruise in the Mediterranean that I found using the techniques enumerated here.  I’ll be doing a cruise review when I return! As I am looking on the Vacations To Go website for cheap cruises, this is the kind of pricing that attracts my attention! (See my post on how to search for cruises for price per night). I am going to use this $39/night cruise to show you some of the steps in how to make this cruise happen! 

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Should I Buy Carnival Stock (CCL) for the Shareholder Credit? (Yes)

I am always pleased when I can combine investment goals with schemes to save money on travel.  Two examples of this are moving investment funds to Fidelity to earn airline miles, and opening BankDirect accounts to earn American Airlines miles.  One of the ways you can do this to save money on cruises is to buy Carnival or Royal Caribbean stock to get on board credit. I am going to discuss Carnival stock today because I have experience using the on-board credit as a stockholder.  To get the credit you must own 100 shares of Carnival stock.  The amount

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The Year So Far in Miles, Points, and Trips

Here’s how we’ve used our miles and points so far this year: ♦ January—Crete–120K United miles in Economy for two round trip Atlanta to Heraklion.  Killer 5 legs on the outbound. Thankful for Star Alliance lounge access!  Used 20K IHG points for Holiday Inn in Vienna on layover back to Atlanta. ♦ January–25K American Airlines miles round trip in Economy for one plus a lap infant Montreal to Atlanta.  Flew my grandson and his mom for a visit to see us. ♦ February–Road trip Atlanta to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to carry grandson, his mom, and their dog, who had been

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Manufactured Spend on the United Club Card

I don’t usually go into details of how I manufacture miles and points.  There are other bloggers that specialize in this, and I also do not want to publicize fragile methods that I don’t want to disappear due to too much exposure.  I don’t mind talking about dead deals, or zombie deals that are on their last legs.  This post discusses a method that is on its last legs.  I’m posting it to explain this method to curious friends and family.  Yes, this is for you whose eyes glazed over as I was trying to explain what I do.

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Case Study–Cruising for $39/night! Finding it and getting there

As I am looking on the Vacations To Go website for cheap cruises, this is the kind of pricing that attracts my attention! (See my post on how to search for cruises for price per night). I am going to use this $39/night cruise to show you some of the steps in how to make this cruise happen!  I did the research for this cruise back in February, so the example shows a cruise from April of this year. The process still works, however! Here are the particulars on this $39/night cruise on the VTG website. Yes, this looks

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Cheap Cruise Clinic–Part 2–Booking Award Tickets to Meet Your Cruise

In Part 1 I discussed a method to find an exceptionally cheap cruise. If you have followed my strategy, you have compared prices on several sites and are ready to book the cruise. But you still need to make sure that you can get there on award tickets (because you have a huge stash of miles, naturally!) I don’t claim to be an expert on booking award tickets. For example, I don’t use any of the sites that do megasearches for award space. But I have plenty of experience going to airlines’ web sites and searching there. Let’s make

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7-night Med Cruise for $386–Booked!

Mediterranean cruise

I spend way too much time looking at cruise itineraries, but when I see something like this I just have to investigate.  This post is about how I found and booked our next Mediterranean cruise for $386! The extremely low price on this Royal Caribbean Mediterranean cruise is what initially caught my eye.  I am eligible for the interline rate, which is a special rate for airline employees and their families.  I will discuss interline rates in a future post.  But as you can see, the regular rate for an inside cabin is only $42 more than the interline

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Should I Keep My Delta SunTrust Debit Card?

Here it is–the 25th of July, and I have taken my Delta SunTrust debit card and tucked it into bed in the sock drawer.  Yesterday I made one last trip for some money orders, and now I’m probably going to wait for my SkyMiles to post to my account, and then call and cancel the card. As of today, the 25th of July, the miles-earning capabities have changed drastically as SunTrust has new terms and conditions for this card.  I wrote the details about the upcoming changes in this post from May when I received my letter from SunTrust.