Somber Thoughts on Passing Away Overseas

flowers on beach

We just got back from a week in Montreal babysitting our young grandson.  Our daughter-in-law’s father had passed away in Costa Rica, and she and her mother needed to fly down there and make arrangements to fly him home for the funeral.  The logistics of doing this are monstrous, and the only pleasant thing about the trip was a beautiful beach-side tribute.  His friends gathered at the beach at sunset, and tossed flowers into the surf in his memory.  It was a fitting ceremony to honor his life, and his passing.

Under the somber and frigid Montreal skies (7 degrees F) Bruce and I discussed what we would do if and when we were faced with the other’s death in a foreign country.  I am not one to plan for every travel contingency, but considering the amount of time that we spend out of the country, I think the likelihood that one of us dies overseas is actually quite high.  We have decided that we will be cremated in the foreign country, and then fly the ashes back to the US for a family ceremony.  We have given permission to each other that the return of ashes is not necessary, and if the other wants to scatter the ashes in a beautiful location, then they may do so.

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