Save $15 on Carnival Gift Cards at Publix–Expires Jan. 1, 2016

carnival publix discount gift cards

You can get $15 off of Carnival gift cards at Publix supermarkets when you buy $50 or more in groceries.  At lower denominations, this is even a better deal than the AARP or Verizon gift cards which offer 10% off.  You will find the Carnival gift cards at the gift card rack.

IMG_1283 (1)

Notice this card is a variable load card– you can load any amount from $25 to $500.  To use the coupon you would have to load at least $100.  This gives you more flexibility than the AAPG or Verizon cards which come in denominations of $100 or $500.  This makes it nice if you have a specific amount that you need for your next cruise.  The sweet spot is any amount from $100 to $150, which will make your discount at least 10%.

You can get the coupon online at, or you can ask for it at the customer service desk.  It is not in the circular that they put in the front of the store.  This is the one that they stick inside the newspaper every week, but they keep extras at customer service.

You can use the gift cards when you book the cruise, or you can use them for on board credit for cruises you already have booked.  My next post will give more details on how to use the cards.

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