Georgia to Quebec Road Trip!

We are taking off for an ambitious road trip to Quebec from our home in Georgia.  We’ve bought a new vehicle and have outfitted it to do some comfortable tent camping.  This will be our first major camping trip in many years.


The New Camping Rig

B. and I have been trying to get by with one vehicle shared between us since I retired.  This really hasn’t worked out, and we deliberated a long time about what we should buy as the second vehicle.  We’ve been wanted to get back into camping, and now that we have three (soon to be four) grand kids, we considered buying a minivan.  We really like the option of being able to go off-road so we decided to get a small SUV.  We chose to assemble our rig with camping components that can be detached from the vehicle when we’re using it like a sedan.  The vehicle we chose is a Hyundai Tucson all-wheel drive Eco.  The black cargo carrier contains our tent and sleeping gear, and the rear carrier supports a cooler, kitchen gear, and bicycles.  The whole set up would be perfect if we could attach two kayaks to the roof, but you can’t have everything.


quebec route

The Quebec Road Trip Route

I’ve wanted to visit the Gaspe region of Quebec for years now.  We only have three weeks to do the trip, but we will give it a good try.  I drew the above map on MapQuest with the multi-destination route feature.  The distance that we plan to go didn’t really sink in until I made the map.  MapQuest calculates a drive time of 65 hours.  Yikes!  B.’s relatives are in New York, and we’ve done the drive many times.  I consider that a “long drive,” but when I look at the map I see that New York is actually at our half-way point north!  I don’t have the attitude of Quebec or Bust, but I do hope we make it!  We will have our oldest grandson, so that will determine the tempo of the trip.

Vacation from Blogging

Since we plan on staying frequently in National Park campgrounds, our access to WiFi will be limited.  I’ll just take a short vacation from blogging and do some short trip reports when I get back.  Y’all enjoy the rest of the summer!


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