Redux–10% Off Carnival Gift Cards on

While I’m traveling, I’ve scheduled a few of my more popular posts to appear.  Any changes I’ve made to content will be italicized

This post on discounted Carnival gift cards has been my most popular post to date.  Since posting this, I’ve purchased $100 gift cards through the site that I’ll use for onboard credit on my Carnival cruise next month. 

You can get discounted Carnival gift cards through the website.  You do not have to be a member of AARP, and the gift cards can be used just like a debit card to pay for cruises, excursions, and any other on-board credit.   If you know that you’ll be taking a Carnival cruise within the next year or so, why not use these to get a 10% discount?  The only downside is that the cards sell out right away, so you have to check the website frequently. Here’s how to get the cards:

Go to and click on “Register.”  Don’t worry, when you do this you are NOT signing up to be a member of AARP.  You are just signing up to be a site user.

carnival gift card aarp landing page

This will take you to the registration link which you will have to fill out.

carnival gift card aarp register

When you go back to the home page you’ll see the “Rewards for Good” link on the navigation bar.  Notice that I have 3700 points, which I guess I’ve gotten for signing up.  Apparently you get reward points when you click on links or do surveys.  I haven’t done anything to earn points yet.  To buy the gift cards you have to enter the Rewards for Good portal.

carnival gift card homepage after registeringYou now have to click the link in the middle of the page called “Redeem Points.”

carnival gift card click on redeem points

You are now on the Rewards Redemption page.    You’ll now want to click “Gift Cards” on the navigation bar and pick “Travel” from the drop-down menu.   (You can also click “Travel” and pick “Gift Cards” from that drop-down menu.)

carnival gift cards click on gift cards

If you’re lucky, you’ll now see a section called “Cruises” on the sidebar.  Click this.

carnival gift card travel cards

If the Carnival cards are listed, when you click on the link, you’ll probably get this:

carnival gift card sold out

This is what the website is showing today.  But I have seen a “Buy” button, instead of a “Sold Out” button.  They usually sell out within a matter of hours.

I have a Carnival cruise coming up in a couple of months.  It’s already paid for, so I’m not in the market for the $500 cards; however, I am on the lookout for the $100 ones, which I would like to use to pay for my gratuities.

This is a fairly painless way to get 10% off of your cruise, if you like the “thrill of the hunt” for available cards.

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