Redeeming a Delta Ecert or Voucher

We have a wedding to attend in New York at the end of August, so I thought I would redeem one of my new Delta vouchers that I got last week from being bumped off a flight from Cincinnati. Here is the post that details how I got the vouchers.  Atlanta-New York is a great route to fly as a nonrev standby, as Delta has flights at least once an hour all day.  But we don’t want to miss the wedding, so I thought we could use one of my vouchers for a confirmed ticket up there, and then fly standby on the way back.

Trying to find my vouchers on

I had my paper voucher in hand, and I went to to see if the certificates would show up in my account.  I logged into my SkyMiles account.  At the bottom of the Skymiles window I clicked on My Delta, and my account details popped up.  In the upper right hand of the My Delta window is a section called My Wallet.  Notice that My Wallet is showing 0 credits and certificates.  This was disconcerting to say the least.

Credits and Certificates Section of My Wallet
Credits and Certificates Section of My Wallet

Trying to Redeem the Voucher Online

I then searched the website for “how to redeem a certificate” and found this page.

Redeem A Delta Certificate
Redeem A Delta Certificate

You just put your certificate number in the box, click continue, and you can see the certificate number registered in your name.  As I found out later, if the gate agent doesn’t put in your SkyMiles number on the voucher, it will not show up in your Wallet, and you can’t register it in there yourself.  Note to self–when getting bumped give the gate agent my frequent flyer number.

I put in my certificate number, and it showed up with my name on it on the website.  You then click that you want to redeem your certificate, and you then pick your flights.  The next step is to add the names of passengers to be ticketed.  At this point you must choose a passenger for which the credit will apply.  This was a problem because I had a $400 voucher that I wanted to apply to two different passengers’ tickets.  Each ticket was $256 and I wanted to wipe out as much of the total cost as possible.  It is unlikely that I would use the left-over voucher balance on another ticket.  I don’t buy a lot of Delta tickets–most of my flying with them is with award tickets or on standby.

Giving Up and Making the Phone Call

At this point I just exited the website and called Delta.  I told the reservations agent that I wanted to use a voucher and I was transferred to someone else.  I told the agent that I wanted to use the voucher as credit for two passengers’ tickets, and he said that would be no problem.  I told him the voucher number and he could see it in his records.  I then told him the flight number and he booked the flight.  He had to put me on hold several times and it took about 20 minutes to complete the deal.  But when we were done I had used up the $400 voucher for the two tickets.

The Tickets Ended Up Costing Me $16

When I was done I had bought two tickets for $516.  After applying the voucher credit I still owed $116.  I paid for this with the Barclay Arrival+ Card.  I used 10,000 points for a $100 credit, so the tickets will end up costing $16!

We made our reservation for one day before we really want to arrive.  I’m hoping that we will get bumped off of that flight and earn more of these tasty vouchers!




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