Pretravel Planning–Part 6–Last Minute Details

We’re leaving tomorrow for a Mediterranean cruise.  I’ve outlined what I did to plan the trip in previous posts, and I’ve enumerated the steps I’ve taken in the last week to make the trip come together.  We’ll have tomorrow morning to do last-minute packing and take care of some final details.  Fortunately, we’ll have family staying in the house so we don’t need to worry about shutting everything down.  I’ve got my stack of papers ready to go, and now I’m thinking about MONEY, so I’ve opened the Plane2Port Bank of Foreign Currency, which is in the drawer of one my dressers.


When I am getting ready to leave a country that I visit often, I don’t worry about converting any left-over currency back into dollars.  When I get home I just put the money in an envelope for the next trip.  If I find a small amount of foreign coins or bills from somewhere that I don’t visit often, I just throw it in the drawer.  Here’s what I pulled out of the drawer today.  I had quite a few euros in the envelope, and I found some Turkish Lira and Croatian Kuna in the bottom of the drawer.  All of these will come in handy on the trip!

I’ve set travel alerts on all the credit and debit cards that I will be taking.  In addition to the cards that I listed here, I’ve decided to take the Barclays Arrival Plus because it is a true chip and pin card.  It might come in handy if I need to get train tickets from an unmanned kiosk, or get gas from an unmanned gas station.

I’m hoping that I won’t forget my phone charger and converter.  I have bad dreams about forgetting my passport, or missing my flights, but what I actually have trouble leaving behind is my electrical stuff.  Tomorrow morning I’ll make the parking reservation for off-airport parking, and check-in online for our flights.

I probably won’t be posting while I’m on the trip.  I will give excruciating details of the trip upon my return, but as we’ll be at sea, internet will be spotty, so I’ll just catch up when I return.  Bon Voyage to me!

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