Norwegian Jewel Review Postponed–House in Chaos

Why I Can't Blog Right Now
This is Sort of What Our House Looks Like Now

My son and I just returned from a great cruise on the Norwegian Jewel.  It was a fabulous cruise and I’m eager to do my review, but I’ll have to wait awhile.  We have many visitors and the house is in happy chaos!

My son and I just returned from a great cruise.  It was our first cruise with Norwegian with their Casinos at Sea program, and it was our first experience with the Ultimate Beverage Package.  It was also our first time visiting the Mexican Riviera and the ports there.  I am ready to do a full-scale review of the ports, ship, and the beverage package.  However, real life is intruding the picture and I have to put the blog on hold for awhile.  This is fine, as travel and real life take precedence over blog posts.

We have a house full of people right now.  We have all three of our grandkids here–ages 4, 2, and 1 as well as both sets of parents.  So there is little time to blog or even think about blogging.  Regular scheduled programming to resume shortly.


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