Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!–Short Blog Vacation Coming Up

I’m taking a couple of weeks off as B. and I travel down to Mexico for awhile.  We will be visiting ghost towns in the Mexican Sierra.  I’ll see all y’all the second week in January!  Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

You know, it seems to me like B. and I hardly go anywhere anymore.  We have been so busy with family the last couple of years.  Yet when I update the blog I realize that we are getting around pretty well.  The difference has been that we are taking more but shorter trips.  I was glad that we planned to be home with family for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  Here’s what we’ve done or will do in December of this year:

Holiday Season Trips

Carnival Cruise to Mexico

You know I’ve blogged about this trip of B. and I taking both the older grandkids (5 and 2) on a cruise earlier this month. We cruised on the Carnival Fantasy out of Mobile earlier this month. A cruise is always good but this one was, how shall I say, interesting? challenging? I titled this cruise “The Babysitting Cruise” so that should give you a hint of how it went.  No miles or points used as we drove to the port in a matter of a few hours.

Salt Lake City

I went back out to Salt Lake City last week to visit my newest grandson who was born in early October.  I spent several weeks out there after the birth, but I needed to help out again because Dad was out of town on biz.  Besides I was ready to see Little B. again!  I used 50K Delta miles to fly out there round trip in coach.

Ghost Towns of the Mexican Sierra

B. and I are ready for a little adventurous trip, just ourselves.  We have a laundry list of such trips, so we just picked one.  We are leaving tomorrow for our trip which I am calling Ghost Towns of the Mexican Sierra.  We will visit Real de Catorce near San Luis Potosi, and some lesser known ghost towns in the area.

Miles to Mexico

We’re kinda tired of flying in and out of Mexico City, so we will fly into Monterrey, Mexico using 25K United miles each.  We will fly back from Guadalajara using 27.5K American miles.  Because we made our plans fairly last-minute and are traveling during the holiday season, there is no “saver” availability for either United or American.  A couple of years ago I would have gone somewhere else or waited until I could have gotten tickets at the 12.5K or 17.5K level.  Now I find I’m in spend-down mode with my airline miles.

Points in Mexico

I’m using 10K of B.’s Marriott points on the Fairfield Inn at the Monterrey airport.  We get in close to midnight so we’ll just stay near the airport and then catch a bus out of Monterrey the next morning.  The night before we fly out from Guadalajara we’ll stay at the Holiday Centro Historico right in town.  I’m blowing 20K of my IHG points on this.  The rest of the time we’ll stay in cheap hotels that we find when we arrive in the small towns.

Merry Christmas to All and Peace on Earth!

I hope all of you have had some opportunities to feel the Christmas Spirit this holiday season.  I had a pleasant surprise as I was leaving Salt Lake last week.  The SLC Delta Choir performed for us in the Delta SkyClub.  The choir director invited everyone up to dance– I was the only one who volunteered so we danced together for one of the songs!  Fortunately I don’t have any footage of that performance!  But I told them it was the best time I had ever had in a SkyClub (or any airline lounge for that matter!)  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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