May Update–Cost of Living on a Carnival Cruise Ship

This is an update from my post earlier this spring about the cost of living on a series of back-to-back cruises in January 2017 on the Carnival Victory.  The average cost per day for two people to cruise in the cheapest inside cabin has increased from about $189/day to about $210/day. 

Carnival Victory
Carnival Victory

In late February of this year I checked prices to sail for a month on one of Carnival’s more modest itineraries and ships–the Victory out of Miami.  In January 2017, the Victory alternates two cruises out of Miami–a three-day that visits Nassau, and a four-day that visits Key West and Cozumel.

At the time I wrote the post back in February, the cost per day for two people to spend January on the Victory was about $189 a day.  Here is the post that discusses why I chose the Victory, and my methodology for determining price.

Cruise prices are very fluid, so I went back to Carnival’s website to check current prices.  The price has gone up for every segment, and Carnival has raised the daily gratuity rate from $12 to $12.95 per person. First I’ll show how the prices for each itinerary have changed, and then I’ll add in the gratuities costs and calculate new per diem rates.

Three-day Itineraries

The prices have gone up from $10 to $90 per cruise. All itineraries are still available for comparison.

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Four-day Itineraries

When I first looked at these cruises back in February, the cruise that would normally have been offered on Jan. 16 is still not available.  According to information I got from a poster on CruiseCritic, this cruise has been chartered out as a “rock and roll” cruise.  When I checked two days ago, the Jan. 23 sailing was also unavailable. I doubt that it is sold out and this point, and suspect that it too  has been chartered.  We can still use compare prices from the three remaining sailings.

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Carnival Increased Daily Gratuities Since February

At the time I did my first analysis, Carnival’s suggested gratuity was $12/day/person.  They have since increased this to $12.95/day.  This is unfortunate, but they have just put themselves more in line with other companies.

Cost of Living on Carnival

For two people booking all of the available cruises, the cost would be now be $4363.38 for 24 days of cruising.  Gratuity costs are now $621.80 for the 24 days. These prices are as of May 28, 2016, and were pulled from the Carnival web site.  The per diem cost has risen from $189 back in February to $207 in late May.

Unless demand is high over the next few months, I would expect prices to come down after the final payment date this fall.  I’ll check back then!



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