Living on the Royal Princess–Final Pricing

Now that we’re inside the final payment period, I’ve recalculated how much it costs to stay on the Royal Princess for the month of January 2017.  The new per diem is now $266 per couple including gratuities.

Royal Princess
Royal Princess

I started this “Living on Cruise Ships” series back in the spring.  Since then, I checked on prices again during the early summer, and found that prices had not changed all that much since the early spring.  Now that we’re past the final payment deadline, I’ve gone back to check last minute-prices.  In my last post, I looked at prices on the Caribbean Princess and found that they have dropped dramatically.  I was also surprised to find out that all the itineraries on that ship in January were still available.  The situation is a little different on the Royal Princess, however.  One of the itineraries has sold out and prices have dropped, but not as dramatically as they have on the Caribbean Princess.

March Pricing on the Royal Princess

In my first posting about the January itineraries on the Royal, I researched three different January sailings out of Fort Lauderdale, the Jan. 9th, 19th, and 29th sailings for a total of 30 days at sea.  At that time (March 2016) the per diem cost for two sharing an inside cabin, and including gratuities was $295/day.

Last Minute Pricing on the Royal Princess

When I went back to research price changes, I found that the January 29th itinerary was sold out.  I’ve used the December 30th itinerary as a substitute.  This still supplies 30 continuous days at sea on the Royal. Here are the new last-minute prices on the Royal Princess.  The last column show the price change since March 2016.

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*The final price on this sailing is being compared to the March 2016 price on the January 29th sailing. I did not check the pricing on this sailing back in March.  It could be that this itinerary has always been cheaper than the Jan. 29th itinerary.

The new per diem price on the Royal is now $266 per day per couple.  The major price difference is due to the substitution of the Dec 30th sailing for the sold-out Jan. 29th sailing.  The new average per diem represents a savings of $29 per day since March.  There is money to be saved by booking after final payment, but you run the risk of not being able to sail on your chosen itineraries!

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