Why I Like Carnival Right Now

I have become more interested in Carnival lately.  I like that they have three ports that are within a short day’s drive, and that they will accept kids as young as two in Camp Carnival.  

When B and I travel by ourselves, we tend to travel independently in overseas locations.  Now that we have grand kids, we don’t like to stay gone too long. We would like to do a little traveling with them, but don’t want to deal with the logistics of flights, cars, and hotels while traveling with young children.  We took our oldest grandchild on a cruise “test drive” last winter.  Everything went well, except that we did not enjoy the all-day drive to Port Canaveral.  We now also need to bring the next oldest along.  We started looking at some different options and decided that another Carnival cruise would be best at this point.

I Like Carnival Ports We Can Drive To

Carnival Home Ports
Carnival Home Ports

We live near Columbus, GA, and we had a long day’s drive to Port Canaveral on our last cruise.  When you are cruising for a week or less, you really don’t want to spend two days driving to and from your embarkation point.  We were glad to hear that Carnival was returning to Mobile this winter as this is a very pleasant short day’s drive for us.  We also had the option of booking Bahamas cruises out of Jacksonville and Charleston.  Both of these are within reasonable driving distances of home.

Carnival Allows Children As Young as Two in Camp Carnival


Most cruise lines offer supervised programs for children for ages 3-teen.  On our last cruise on the Carnival Sensation, we were delighted that Boppo really enjoyed the kids program.  If we want to also take his younger brother, we are restricted to Carnival because they are the only cruiseline that allows two-year-olds in their childrens’ program.  They do not need to be toilet trained to participate; in fact, if they are under 3 years old, they will change diapers  for you while the toddlers are in camp!

I love my grandkids, but I do like to have short breaks from them, especially when traveling!  Carnival is really our only option if we want to take advantage of the childrens’ program while cruising.  We’re cruising onboard the Fantasy out of Mobile next month, and we’re taking our 5- and 2-year old grandsons!  Since we’ve booked far in advance I was able to take advantage of several discounts, including the infamous Carnival gift cards!

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