Last minute trip–flying standby to somewhere (Central America?)

We are looking to travel the week before Easter, which is the week that most colleges have their spring break.  The trip that we were originally planning to take during this time (Cuba)  turned out to be too much of a pain-in-the-ass logistically speaking, so now we are considering our  other options.  It’s too late to be looking for airline tickets (too expensive) and also too late to be looking for award tickets (too late).

We are exceedingly lucky that we can  fly standby, or “nonrev” on Delta, for a nominal charge on a space-available basis.  So we are looking at places that we want to go, and where the odds are good that we will get seats on the plane during spring break.  We only have 9 days max, so Asia, India, and Africa are out.  It looks like there are plenty of seats to Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Guatemala City, Guatemala,  Dublin, Ireland, and El Paso, Texas.

I think I’ll cross Dublin off the list.  I’m sure it will still be cold there at the end of March.  We were in Crete in Dec./Jan. of this last year, and it was cold and rainy most of the time.  In fact, we could not traverse the island because the roads in the interior were snowed in.  So we’re not ready to spend another trip in full winter gear.   We’ve never been to the Honduran mainland, and there is much more we would like to see in Guatemala, so either is a good option.  If we fly to El Paso, we would take a bus to Chihuahua, and from there visit the Copper Canyon in Mexico. Everything depends on seat availability. Hoping flights are not full for these destinations.





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