June Update–Cost of Living on the Norwegian Sky

It now costs about $293 a day for two people to sail on the Norwegian Sky in January 2017.  The per diem cost has gone up $8 a day due to an increase in taxes, port fees, and gratuities.  The base price of the cruises has not changed since my first post in February. 

Norwegian Sky
Norwegian Sky

The Norwegian Sky

The Norwegian Sky includes a free open bar.  On most other Norwegian ships, a separate beverage package is offered for sale and it costs $79 a day per person plus an 18% gratuity.  The free bar will add value to many cruisers (like me) but may be useless to others.  I don’t know whether or not  you would be charged an extra gratuity for using the open bar.

Cost Changes Since February

My original post on the costs of sailing on the Norwegian Sky can be found here.

I’ve summarized the new costs of cruising on the Sky in the tables below.  The dates have been tweaked somewhat since my post in February. The order of the ports has changed on one or two itineraries.

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Taxes and Port Fees

The port taxes and fees have increased from $198 to $$236 on the three day cruises, and from $252 to $269 on the four day cruises.  This is a significant change on the three day cruises.


Since I wrote the first post in February, the daily gratuity costs have changed from $12.95 to $13.50 a day.  This is annoying, but doesn’t significantly affect our total cruise costs.

Total Cost Change to Cruise on the Norwegian Sky Since February

Our new per diem cost for two people sailing for 21 days on the Sky has gone from $285 to $293.  The base prices of the cruises have not changed since I did my research in February.  The major portion of the price increase has come from the taxes and port fees.  Depending on how much you drink, these cruises may still be a good value.  Because the cruises are short, the added taxes, fees, and gratuities are almost as much as the base cost of the cruise.

For example the first 3-day itinerary in January has a base cost of $598 for two people.  That sounds great, doesn’t it!  But the added fees and gratuities are $317.  This increases the total cost by 53%!

We probably should be looking at longer cruises with fewer port stops if we really want to sail cheaply.  In my next comparison we will do just that–by seeing if prices have changed on some longer itineraries on Princess.

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