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Thanks for checking out my “About Me” page.

I have always been obsessed with travel, and have repeatedly changed careers in order to travel more. My first job as an oil-company geologist did not last because the job required more office time than “out in the field” time, and I only had two weeks of vacation per year. After two years of full-time travel, I became self-employed in the real estate business so that I could have more time for travel. It was wonderfully lucrative, but projects always took much longer than expected and there was really very little time left over for vacations.

My husband and I started a family, and we did many camping trips and home exchanges. But the rigors of parenting small children were confining, and I finally decided to become a teacher so that I could at least have the summers to travel. In this way I was able to work a full-time job, raise a family, but also do plenty of travel. As a family, we did lots of camping, went to Disney World, and went on lots of cruises. In the summers I was able to go on many wonderful funded trips as part of my continuing “teacher education.”

When my oldest daughter became a flight attendant, and then later on a commercial pilot, we took advantage of her flight benefits to go further afield. Traveling as a “nonrev” is wonderful, but sometimes you get left behind at the airport! So I started my journey down the rabbit hole of miles and points and free travel. Eventually I tired of the rigidity of the school calendar, and took an early retirement to travel even more. The last couple of years have been a time of compulsive traveling.

My goal is to travel about half of the year. And I don’t mean snowbirding for half the year in Florida. I continue to take several international trips a year. Because of the knowledge that I have learned about award travel, I have the financial wherewithal to do so. The challenge remains to juggling family responsibilities so that I have time to go!

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