Is the Royal Caribbean Holidays in July Promo Worth It?

RCCL Holidays in July Sale Promo

RCCL Holidays in July Sale Pro

Kids Sail Free–50% off–Free Gratuities–Buy One-Get One!!!!!! We see these promos all the time, but are they do they really offer any value?  We see offers like this almost daily.  I tend to ignore them because it seems like there is one every other day, but this time I decided to see if this was a good deal.

I picked a cruise for comparison purposes –the New Years Cruise out of Port Canaveral on December 31, 2015.  For simplicity I investigated the price of 2 seniors in the cheapest inside cabin.  I clicked on the button “Get Cruising” and it took me to here:

A 4 night cruise on for comparision
A 4 Night Cruise on for Comparision

Please know that I am not even considering going on a cruise that costs $650 for four days!  I am just using this cruise for comparison!

Clicking on “Learn More” brought me to:

The New Years Cruise Itinerary

Ahh! Will I really save $216.50 per person?  After clicking BOOK NOW  I see the port fees and taxes.

New Years Cruise Final Pricing on RCCL
New Years Cruise “Final” Pricing on RCCL

Now, they are saying that this is final pricing, but is it?  I made a fake booking for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, ages 58 and 59, from Georgia.  Here is the absolute final pricing window:

Breakdown of Charges on RCCL
Breakdown of Charges on RCCL

Here I can see the prepaid gratuities of $103.60 per cabin, the taxes and port fees of $159.08 per cabin, and the 50% off the second person applied.  However, the 50% off is taken from the full retail price of $866/person, not the $649.50 in the first window!  The total price for the cabin is $1561.68 on the RCCL website.

For comparison I searched for this same cruise on Vacations To Go ( 

vacationstogo Offer on New Years Cruise
vacationstogo Offer on New Years Cruise

Their price per cabin is $599 x 2 = $1198.  If we add in the port charges and fees the total cabin price is $1357.08.  The Royal Caribbean offer includes prepaid gratuities for two of $103.60, so if we add that to the Vacations To Go price, we would get an all-in price of $1460.68.  This is $101 cheaper!

Just to add another data point for comparison, I looked at the price on Travelocity.

Travelocity Final Price New Years Cruise
Travelocity Final Price New Years Cruise

Not as cheap as Vacations To Go, but still cheaper than RCCL. Notice that they are including the same discounts of free gratuities, 50% off the second guest, and an undisclosed “credit.”

Here’s a summary of our pricing comparison of the New Years Cruise on Royal Caribbean:

  • Royal Caribbean website  $1561.68
  • Travelocity                      $1503.08
  • Vacations To Go              $1460.68

Just as I suspected, there is nothing special about the RCCL promo.  This is disappointing because it will make me more hesitant to click through to any of their other promos in the future.



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