I Earned Some Skymiles Today By Paying My Taxes!

It’s so depressing to do your taxes and find out that you owe a substantial amount to the US Treasury. When I have a large bill coming up I always wonder how I can get some miles or points when I pay the bill.

You can pay your federal taxes with a credit card, but you will pay a hefty fee, about 2%, to do so. But debit cards are charged a fee of less than $3, no matter what the amount owed. I have the SunTrust MasterCard Delta debit card, and decided to use this to pay my federal taxes.

There are several websites that you can use, but the one that I chose was ValueTaxPayment.com. They charge 1.87% to use a credit card, but only $2.49 to use a VISA debit card, or $2.89 to use a MasterCard debit card. If all goes well, I should earn one Delta SkyMile for every dollar I pay Uncle Sam.

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