Free Norwegian Cruise Offers From Hard Rock Casino

My son is a professional card player, and we constantly get casino offers in the mail.  I usually just keep them in a stack that he can go through when he shows up at the house.  I did take notice of this offer and sent him a snapshot of it.

hard rock cafe mailer

hard rock offer

It sounded really gimmicky, but I’ve heard from Matt at that the Norwegian offers can be pretty good, so I put this one on top of the pile.  I doubted my son would happen be in Biloxi to pick up the certificate on that specific date, but the offer stayed on my mind.  He came home last week before setting out again on a short poker tour.  He decided to start in Biloxi because he had some rooms and meals comped (provided for free) at one of the casinos there. I needed a short mental health break from my routine here, so I went with him to Biloxi for a couple of days.

Biloxi is only a five-hour drive from our house, so after leaving home in the early afternoon, we arrived at the Strip in Biloxi just in time for a nice dinner and some early evening play at the casinos.  We had driven by the Hard Rock Casino on our way to our hotel, and I remembered the cruise offer.  We were going to be there on the exact day that they were giving out certificates!  He hadn’t called to reserve the cruise, and we forgot to bring the card, but we both had images of it on our smartphones.  So the next morning we drove to the Hard Rock casino to see if he still could get the offer.

hard rock cafe entrance

There are two big Vegas-style casinos in Biloxi.  One is the Beau Rivage, and the other is the Hard Rock Casino.  Classic rock and roll plays all over the property, even in the huge parking garage.  The interior is decorated with rock and roll memorabilia, and there are a lot of tourists who are just cruising the casino and taking pictures of the decor.  At the casino entrance, we noticed this placard for free cruises.

hard rock placard

Today was the day to pick up the offers.  Even though my son hadn’t called to reserve, all he had to do was show his players card to receive a cruise certificate.  There was a room near the cashier where the certificates were handed out.  They looked up my son’s name on the computer and told him he was a “T3,” and to go stand in another line to get his free certificate.  We stood in line for a few minutes in front of the guy handing out the certificates and I overheard what he was telling other participants.  He told the girl ahead of us that she qualified for a free 7-night Caribbean cruise in an inside cabin, and that she had 2 months to book the cruise, and needed to complete the cruise within 6 months.

My son’s certificate was a little more generous.  He has the choice of locations, including Europe, and he may book an outside cabin.  He also has to book within 2 months, but he has one year to take the cruise.  I imagine that players in higher tiers have offers for balcony cabins, and a wider range of locations.

He hasn’t booked the cruise yet, so it will be interesting to see what he can book with his certificate.  We’ll see how this plays out.

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