Free Changes Still Available on American Airlines Award Tickets

This morning we decided we wanted to leave Mexico a few days early. This doesn’t have anything to do with the stolen iPad incident from yesterday, although it was while discussing this we also made the decision to bail early in this trip.

When we planned this trip we were heading straight for Oaxaca and Chiapas from Mexico City. At the last minute we decided to visit a friend who is wintering in Morelia. This is WEST of Mexico City, while our original destination was SOUTH and EAST of Mexico City. While we were in the area we also visited the Monarch Butterfly sanctuary and the church buried by lava from the eruption of Paricutin.

By the time we got back to our starting point, the trip was half over. We began a series of bus trips between the major population centers of Cuernavaca and Puebla, with a side trip to Taxco thrown in. The trip was turning into bus rides and logistics and less about relaxing and enjoying. We were rushing towards Oaxaca…..but why?

When we booked our tickets we had both of us returning on one day, and B leaving on another trip the very next day. If we returned a little early he would have a few days to prepare for his next trip (and buy another IPad.)

We decided that if we could change the tickets with no change fee we would do so. We had booked round trip Award tickets on American Airlines for 30k miles each. I have had success in the past in making free changes on AA Award tickets, but not in the past couple of years. When I called this morning to change tickets we were able to do so with no change fee. You don’t have to pay the $200 change fee if your arrival and departure cities stay the same, and there is Award availability on the new flight.

It has been harder to find award availability on AA in the last year. But I’m pleased that they still will let you put a 5-day hold on award tickets, and that you can change the dates on your flights with no penalty.

By the way, the picture is giant poinsettia flower made of individual poinsettia plants in the Zocolo in Taxco.

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