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I’ve spoken often about how my travel interests have changed over the last year.  I used to be obsessed with earning miles and points and taking advantage of hacks and tricks to build up mileage balances.  My travel interests are now more aligned with actual travel, and not so much the ability to travel cheaply.  The blogs I used to read were all about credit card churning and manufactured spending, but now I like to read about people who like to travel the way I do, and who are good storytellers.  Here are two of my favorites:


I came across Technomadia when I was googling “doing the Great Loop in stages.” We bought a boat this summer, the Oceanus, in order to cruise America’s Great Loop.  The traditional method of doing the loop requires a year of cruising, but I knew that we would want to go slowly and perhaps take several years to complete the Loop.  When I saw the header of the Technomadia blog, I knew that it would be interesting–RVing and boating in one blog!

Technomadia Blog
Technomadia Blog

Bloggers Cherie and Chris have been living a mobile lifestyle for over 10 years now.  They started a life on the road as mobile internet consultants in 2006 and in the intervening years have traded up from a camping pod, to a small trailer, and now finally to a vintage bus.  Technomadia is their personal travel blog, but they also write which funds their travels.  After RVing and working around the country for the last ten years, they decided they needed an additional lifestyle challenge and boat a large boat to cruise the Loop.  They will now split their time between their bus and the new boat.  They and their boat, the Y-not, survived this winter’s hurricanes in southern Florida.

They are now getting some major work done on their boat in the Miami area.  Cherie and Chris, we sympathize–there is always something to be done on the boat that requires major time and $$$.

I have spent the last several weeks reading the blog from start to finish.  I started all the way back to the beginning of the blog in 2006 when Cherie first moved into Chris’ tiny pod and they began their life together on the road.  It’s been a great read to see how they adapted their mobile lifestyle over the years.

Pescado Amarillo

I wrote about this blog about a year ago in my post My Favorite Cruise Blog–Pescado Amarillo.  I found Jeannie’s blog on a link on CruiseCritic in the Princess forums.  Jeannie and her husband “G” are spending their eighth winter at sea.  While cruising, Jeannie updates her blog every day.  They recently began a series of Princess cruises based out of Australia.

Pescado Amarillo Blog
Pescado Amarillo Blog

In my blog post last year, I left readers hanging about their cruise season.  Their ship had sustained damage when it hit one of their port stops in the Mediterranean.  Jeannie and G flew back to the states and then rejoined their ship a few weeks later and successfully finished out the cruising season.

Their modus operandum is to take a series of back to back cruises on the same ship.  They basically spent a whole season on one ship.  This way they know the ship, the crew, and the destinations in detail. Last winter they mixed things up by spending a couple of months in a condo in Hawaii.

My travel interests have deviated from a focus on cruising, but I continue to look forward to Jeannie resuming her blog during her travels.  The main reason–her writing.  Her detailed descriptions of everyday life aboard are as soothing as Rosamunde Pilcher’s flowing descriptions of the English countryside.  I also admire the planning and execution of the logistics that go into making six months of continuous cruising a reality.

If you read both of these blogs from inception up to the present time, you get the same feeling you get when you finish a satisfying novel.  You know the characters in-depth and enter their reality through the story.  Reading good travel writing can be just as fulfilling  as reading good novels.

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