My Favorite Cruise Blog–Pescado Amarillo

My favorite cruise blog is written by someone who lives on cruise ships for half a year.  She picks a Princess ship that she and her husband use as a home base, and they spend the winter months making back to back cruises on the same ship.

Jeannie and George (in his signature yellow shirt)
Jeannie and George (in his signature yellow shirt)

Living on Cruise Ships

The idea of living on cruise ships has intrigued me for some time.  I’ve done many blog posts on how much it costs and who’s actually doing it.  Do a search on this site “living on cruise ships” and you’ll come up with articles like Cost of Living on the Royal Princess, and How Much Does It Cost to Live on a Cruise Ship?, and many others.   I’m not sure I would want to cruise full-time like Super Mario.  I have found a cruising couple that may have found the cruising sweet spot.  Jeannie and George maintain a residence where they spend most of their time, but they spend three to four months each winter on a series of back to back cruises.  They are beginning their eighth winter at sea aboard a Princess ship, and Jeannie blogs daily during her cruises!

Jeannie’s Cruise Blog

Jeannie began her blog, as a way to stay in touch with her mother when she and her husband went on extensive cruises.  Fortunately she kept up the habit and now we have a lot of great reading on her many cruises over the years.  She posts every night when she is cruising, and writes in detail about their shore excursions and what they do onboard every day.  I find the details about ship board life–like what she has for each meal–strangely comforting.  She is a great writer and when you are reading the blog it is like getting a long letter from a good friend.

Jeannie’s and George’s Winters at Sea

This will be their 8th winter at sea.  They like to spend the winter doing back to back cruises on the same ship.  They have spent five winters cruising the Caribbean, and two in Polynesia.  This winter will be their first on a series of back-to-backs in the Mediterranean.  Jeannie has been asked if they get bored being on the same ship and visiting the same ports.  She says that they feel like they are coming home when they visit and revisit the embarkation port.  They like to share in the excitement of new passengers who are embarking for their first and only cruise.  And she says that the longer cruises that visit many ports require too much planning.  She and her husband like to relax on their cruises!

Jeannie and her husband had come up with three options for this winter at sea.  They were considering returning to the Caribbean or Polynesia, but also were considering trying a winter in the Mediterranean.  They finally decided on the Mediterranean because, in her words, “We are not getting any younger, the flights are not getting any shorter and the world is not getting any safer. The time to go is now.” I agree, Jeannie!

Cruise Interrupted

The latest news from Jeannie’s cruise blog is that they are holed up in a hotel in Nice.  The Pacific Princess hit rocks in the breakwater as it approached the Port of Nice.  There is a leak in the bulkhead and Princess has offloaded all passengers.  Most passengers are being bussed to the Barcelona, which was the debarkation port for that cruise.  The next cruise has been cancelled with itineraries to recommence on October 28.  Jeannie has said that Princess has not offered any alternatives for them with their unique situation.  It will be interesting to see what she and her husband do for their next 12 days in Europe.



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