Doing What I Do Makes It Hard to Have a Normal Vacation

Doing what I do makes it really hard to have a normal American vacation.  Case in point: Paying $2000-3000 a week (or more) to rent a house for a week so the extended family can get together at the beach.

beach house

This is typical of beach houses in Florida that rent for $3000/week and up.  Notice it is right on the beach, so it definitely goes in the “and up” category.  After doing an extensive search for houses near the beach that will accommodate nine people and a big Labrador Retriever, we found a large modest house in Mexico Beach, Florida for less than $2000 for 6 days, so we snatched it up.  This is a good deal, but the price still made me gulp.  This is more than what Bruce and I spent on our two and a half week vacation to Crete, including airfare.

I have said, “Doing What I Do Makes it Hard…..”   So what is it that I do?  As my mother told her friends, “Leigh is really good at what she does, but I really don’t understand what it is that she is doing.”  Basically this is how I save money on travel:

  • Get airline miles and hotel points with credit card sign-on bonuses.
  • Spend a lot of money on these credit cards to earn more miles and points.
  • Use cash-back portals to book cheap rooms on
  • Fly as a non-revenue stand-by passenger in the US and Canada to visit family and friends. (Family member is an airline employee.)

I do not begrudge the money spent on the beach house.  After all, everyone (almost everyone, ha,ha!) will chip in on the cost.  And we will save money by eating delicious home cooked meals at the house.  But the up-front cost sure made it hard to throw down the credit card and pay up.  I did, however, talk everyone into letting me use my credit card (1.5 United miles per dollar and trip cancellation insurance.)

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