Copper Canyon Trip and Vacation from Blogging

As your reading this, we’re probably somewhere in the Mexican Barranca del Cobre (Copper Canyon).  This trip has been on our bucket list for years, and so we are excited to finally be going.  The train ride from Chihuahua to Los Mochis on the Gulf of California is a railway afficianados dream.  The tracks make loops and switchbacks through spectacular scenery.  There is a lot of information for people who are riding the train from one terminus to the other, but we want to spend about a week down in the canyons, and there’s not much information about this.  We are just going to go and see what happens.  While we’re there we will probably be lucky to charge cell phones, so I’m going to enjoy the trip and write about it when we return.

The only part of the trip that we’ve planned ahead are our flights.  We’re flying one-way on United from Atlanta to Chihuahua with a stop-over in Houston.  We’re paying 30K United miles and $26.51 per person for these tickets.  The return will be on Delta from Los Mochis to Atlanta via Mexico City.  We paid for these tickets with the Delta certificate that I got from being bumped from my Salt Lake City flight in the spring.

See you next year!



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