Checking the Balance on Your Carnival Gift Cards

No matter where you buy your gift cards, they always look the same.  The front is very generic–it just has the Carnival logo and the words “Gift Card.”

Carnival-Gift-Card If you are more organized than most, you’ll write the amount on the front or back with a Sharpie, and then file it away for future use.  What if you can’t remember what the amount is, or you have gotten confused because you have a stack of gift cards?  There’s an easy way to check the balance on your card.  Go to and add your card number and PIN.

check gift card balance

But where is the card number and PIN?  Turn your card over.  In the top left corner is a sixteen digit number just like a credit card number.  Yes, you’ll need to put your reading glasses on to read the number.  On the top right is your PIN number.  It’s underneath the rectangle that looks like a credit card chip, but is actually just a piece of tape.  Peel this back to reveal your four-digit PIN.


I’m not sure what the number is in the bottom right corner.  Have fun keeping track of your Carnival gift card balances!


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