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Goodbye to Nonrev Travel (A Sabbatical)

One of the Many Issues with Nonrev Travel

My daughter the pilot is going on leave until the end of the year.  During this time, our flight benefits will be suspended until she goes back to work.  I am trying to convince myself that this will simplify life and at the same time, urge me to be more focused in my travel.  I try to remember all the bad things about nonrev travel.

Nonrev (standby) travel

What It’s Like To Fly NonRev (Standby)

When it was good, it was very, very good, and when it was bad it was HORRID! The little nursery rhyme sums up what it is like to nonrev. When you get a seat on the plane, you are on top of the world, and truly getting something for free!  But when the plane leaves and you haven’t gotten on, sometimes it can be so depressing and horribly inconvenient. What Nonrev Means Active airline employees and their families can fly on the employee’s airline for free or small cost on a space available basis. Non-rev is short for “non

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My first trip on Greyhound in 20 Years–And It Was Fine!

About 20 years ago, Bruce and I took the kids on a trip to New York on the Greyhound bus.  We got companion fares for the kids, so it was super cheap.  We went from Atlanta to New York city for $340 roundtrip for all 4 of us.  The actual trip was fine, even though it took a full 24 hours.  I remember how astonished I was at how horribly the employees treated the passengers and how uncomfortable the bus terminals were. That was the last bus trip I took until last week. I was in desperate need of

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The Year So Far in Miles, Points, and Trips

Here’s how we’ve used our miles and points so far this year: ♦ January—Crete–120K United miles in Economy for two round trip Atlanta to Heraklion.  Killer 5 legs on the outbound. Thankful for Star Alliance lounge access!  Used 20K IHG points for Holiday Inn in Vienna on layover back to Atlanta. ♦ January–25K American Airlines miles round trip in Economy for one plus a lap infant Montreal to Atlanta.  Flew my grandson and his mom for a visit to see us. ♦ February–Road trip Atlanta to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania to carry grandson, his mom, and their dog, who had been

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Should I Keep My Delta SunTrust Debit Card?

Here it is–the 25th of July, and I have taken my Delta SunTrust debit card and tucked it into bed in the sock drawer.  Yesterday I made one last trip for some money orders, and now I’m probably going to wait for my SkyMiles to post to my account, and then call and cancel the card. As of today, the 25th of July, the miles-earning capabities have changed drastically as SunTrust has new terms and conditions for this card.  I wrote the details about the upcoming changes in this post from May when I received my letter from SunTrust. 

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Redeeming a Delta Ecert or Voucher

We have a wedding to attend in New York at the end of August, so I thought I would redeem one of my new Delta vouchers that I got last week from being bumped off a flight from Cincinnati. Here is the post that details how I got the vouchers.  Atlanta-New York is a great route to fly as a nonrev standby, as Delta has flights at least once an hour all day.  But we don’t want to miss the wedding, so I thought we could use one of my vouchers for a confirmed ticket up there, and then

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Taking the Bump–How I Got $1200 in Delta vouchers in One Day!

I got bumped twice in one day from overbooked Delta flights, and was compensated by receiving a two travel vouchers, one for $400, and one for $800! The experience of Voluntary Denied Boarding, or VDB,  was a new one for this jaded traveler, and I hope I can repeat it many times over in the future! I had been planning a trip to Salt Lake City (SLC) for a couple of weeks.  The original plan was to fly nonrev from Atlanta (ATL) to SLC if there were open seats.  I am the parent of an airline employee, so I

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Combining Standby Nonrev Travel with Award Tickets

In this post I am going to talk about how we used nonrev standby travel to position ourselves to take advantage of a great award ticket.  Caveat emptor– do not fly nonrev if you absolutely have to be somewhere at a specific time! We hadn’t seriously considered visiting Hawaii before.  We considered it too be too touristy, and when we travel we usually go to foreign country, unless we are visiting family.  We knew that the Big Island was, of course, the biggest, and had the active volcanoes, green sand beaches, and many other beauties.  But it was never

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Last minute trip–flying standby to somewhere (Central America?)

We are looking to travel the week before Easter, which is the week that most colleges have their spring break.  The trip that we were originally planning to take during this time (Cuba)  turned out to be too much of a pain-in-the-ass logistically speaking, so now we are considering our  other options.  It’s too late to be looking for airline tickets (too expensive) and also too late to be looking for award tickets (too late). We are exceedingly lucky that we can  fly standby, or “nonrev” on Delta, for a nominal charge on a space-available basis.  So we are