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Checking the Balance on Your Carnival Gift Cards

No matter where you buy your gift cards, they always look the same.  The front is very generic–it just has the Carnival logo and the words “Gift Card.” If you are more organized than most, you’ll write the amount on the front or back with a Sharpie, and then file it away for future use.  What if you can’t remember what the amount is, or you have gotten confused because you have a stack of gift cards?  There’s an easy way to check the balance on your card.  Go to and add your card number and PIN. But

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How to Use Carnival Gift Cards

My most popular posts are about how to get discounted Carnival gift cards, but getting the cards is only half the equation.  There are a few quirks to spending them, and I will outline these in this post. Before You Board You can use the gift cards to pay for a cruise.  You may use them if you are booking online on the Carnival website, and you may also use them if you’ve called Carnival to book your cruise.  You can also use them while booking with a third-party travel agency.  They can be used for the deposit and