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The True Cost of a Free Cruise with Norwegian Casinos at Sea

I’ve booked a free cruise with Norwegian through their Casinos at Sea program.  This was part of a promotion from the Hard Rock Casino in Biloxi, MS.  I just want to reiterate that this cruise was not comped based on play on board a Norwegian Cruise Lines ship, but was comped based on play in the Hard Rock Casino.  We had picked up our certificate at the casino in Biloxi a couple of months ago, and we booked the cruise a few weeks ago by calling the Norwegian Casinos at Sea desk. When we picked up our certificate in

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My first trip on Greyhound in 20 Years–And It Was Fine!

About 20 years ago, Bruce and I took the kids on a trip to New York on the Greyhound bus.  We got companion fares for the kids, so it was super cheap.  We went from Atlanta to New York city for $340 roundtrip for all 4 of us.  The actual trip was fine, even though it took a full 24 hours.  I remember how astonished I was at how horribly the employees treated the passengers and how uncomfortable the bus terminals were. That was the last bus trip I took until last week. I was in desperate need of


Free Norwegian Cruise Offers From Hard Rock Casino

My son is a professional card player, and we constantly get casino offers in the mail.  I usually just keep them in a stack that he can go through when he shows up at the house.  I did take notice of this offer and sent him a snapshot of it. It sounded really gimmicky, but I’ve heard from Matt at that the Norwegian offers can be pretty good, so I put this one on top of the pile.  I doubted my son would happen be in Biloxi to pick up the certificate on that specific date, but the