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Cruise Air Cheaper Than Ten Years Ago!

ITA Matrix New York to Copenhagen Roundtrip

As I was doing research for a Baltic cruise this summer, I found that round trip airfare costs the same or less than it did ten years ago!

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Why I No Longer Collect American Airlines Miles

Useless AAdvantage Miles

I no longer try to amass American Airlines AAdvantage miles from credit card sign ups and BankDirect checking accounts.  Award availability on American and its partners has been so scarce recently that I haven’t made any AAdvantage mile redemptions this year!

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Mexican Ghost Towns and World Heritage Sites

Guanajuato Mexico

We have returned from our two-week trip visiting some ghost towns and World Heritage sites in the San Luis Potosi region of Mexico.  Because time was short, we did a whirlwind tour that included many bus rides, a car rental, and a lot of hotel one-night stands.  We’ve come back with an appreciation for Mexico’s smaller towns, and have both made New Year’s resolutions to improve our Spanish.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!–Short Blog Vacation Coming Up

I’m taking a couple of weeks off as B. and I travel down to Mexico for awhile.  We will be visiting ghost towns in the Mexican Sierra.  I’ll see all y’all the second week in January!  Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday with friends and family.

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Do You Buy Cheap First Class Airfare?

Delta Low Priced First Class

This is the first time we’ve spent cash for a first-class airline ticket.  We’ve  flown in first or business many times on award tickets, but have never paid cash for first class.  It felt good to overcome our usual ultrafrugal habits to splurge on a cheap first class short-haul.

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Booking Cruises With United Miles

Mileage Plus Cruises Portal

You can pay for cruises with United MileagePlus miles.  You will probably have to call to book, and you will get about 0.8 cents of value per United airline mile.

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Why I’m Paying a $450 Credit Card Annual Fee

The American Express Platinum Card

When the annual fee became due on my American Express Platinum card, I called the retention department and told them I was thinking of cancelling my card.  They offered me 25,000 Membership Reward points if I would keep the card.  I took the deal.

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My Battle With the Chase 5/24 Rule

About a week ago I applied for a new Chase Sapphire Preferred card.  Today I got the denial letter–“too many credit cards opened in the last two years.”  This is my first encounter with Chase’s 5/24 rule.

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Use Airline Miles or Pay Cash? How We Decide

George Clooney Should I Use Miles or Pay Cash

Our family took numerous flights this spring.  In each case we had to decide whether we would redeem airline miles or pay cash for tickets.  In most cases, we used miles if we could get a valuation of at least 1.5¢ per mile for our airline miles.

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My Takeaway From Family Travel For Real Life 2016

Haley Bach, Disney Expert

This last weekend I attended this year’s session of Family Travel for Real Life in Orlando.  A convivial group of travel, miles, and points fanatics gathered to hear five engaging speakers on different aspects of traveling as a family.