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Cruise Air Cheaper Than Ten Years Ago!

ITA Matrix New York to Copenhagen Roundtrip

As I was doing research for a Baltic cruise this summer, I found that round trip airfare costs the same or less than it did ten years ago!

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Do You Buy Cheap First Class Airfare?

Delta Low Priced First Class

This is the first time we’ve spent cash for a first-class airline ticket.  We’ve  flown in first or business many times on award tickets, but have never paid cash for first class.  It felt good to overcome our usual ultrafrugal habits to splurge on a cheap first class short-haul.

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67% Off Transatlantic Flights FROM Europe

Round Trip Fares From Madrid to Atlanta in Euro

A comparison of the costs of transatlantic flights to and from Europe on Delta shows that flights originating in the EU are a fraction of those that cross the Atlantic in the other direction.  Knowing this can be helpful in booking “nested” flights if you need to fly from the US.