Carnival Fantasy Babysitting Cruise Review–Day Four–Progresso

We had a very short port day in Progresso–the trip to the beach was a let-down after Cozumel.  We did feel like we were really in Mexico after visiting the Mercado Central. 

Short Port Day in Progresso

Our plan for the day was the same as our Cozumel day–spend time at the beach until the boys get bored.  The shoreline at Progresso couldn’t be more different than that of Cozumel. It is a long sandy beach so the water is not as clear.  The pier is several miles long and everyone takes a shuttle bus into the town.  The tour and bus company Autoprogresso provides the shuttles, and before you get off the shuttle you are given a short sales pitch of their tours. They were trying to sell an all inclusive beach day for $35. Years ago my son and I took one of their tours to the Dzibilchaltun ruins and Merida and enjoyed it.  The central colonial part of Merida is pretty and well worth a visit .  We both had been there several times already, and we certainly didn’t want to visit with the boys!

When we all got off the bus we walked the several blocks to the beach, and then a few blocks east (away from town) further.  I have to admit that the hawkers are very intense for the several blocks surrounding the bus drop off and for several blocks along the beach.  Once you walk 10 minutes along the beach you are out of the worst of it.  We found a shady place under a palm tree and sat for awhile looking at the water.  Once we decided to go for a swim, we were a little disappointed to find that winds had washed up seaweed on the beach and the water was murky.  We left the beach shortly thereafter.  Boppo wanted an ice cream, and we were directed to the central market, or Mercado Central,  of Progresso.  We found an ice cream shop and ate outside while the locals admired both the boys.  We were in authentic Mexico yet we were only a few block south of the bus station!

We had to wait a good 45 minutes for the shuttle bus, although they are supposed to come every 20 minutes.  No matter though, there is a small tourist market there (of course!) that amused the boys.  B. learned how to blow a conch like a trumpet– apparently this has been one of his goals for the last 50 years. We returned to the ship for lunch.  Then water slides and golf for B. and Boppo, and nap and reading for myself and Binko.

The very loud announcements by cruise director Mikey continue to annoy me.  I’m also annoyed at what I’m calling The Milk Situation.

The Milk Situation

For the last couple of days regular 2% milk in the little cartons has only been out on the buffet during breakfast.  At other times I could get it by asking the guys working behind the buffet.  Today they didn’t even have it out in the morning–they only had cartons of chocolate milk!  They said to get the milk from the containers near the coffee station.  I don’t know if this is reconstituted evaporated milk or if it is made from dry milk, but Binko wouldn’t drink it.  Even if he did, it would have been very inconvenient to carry glasses of milk back to the cabin for a bedtime or morning bottle.  He switched from drinking milk to water or apple juice (only available in the morning.)  This situation didn’t make or break or cruise but I don’t think that it’s too much to ask to have regular milk available for babies and young children.  After the 3rd day, the cartons of milk never were available.

Our Carnival Fantasy Evening Routing

We are getting into a routine with our evenings.  B. and I have a couple of glasses of wine in the stateroom while the kids watch cartoons.  This brings up another issue I have–the quality of the children’s programming.  There was one movie that ran almost continuously on one channel–something about pandas. And then there was the Cartoon Network.  We and the parents don’t let the kids watch these cartoons at home.  They have no redeeming value for the kids and they are very irritating to hear in the background.  After the cocktail hour we went up to dinner at the buffet.  Then we walked around the ship for an hour or so.  Then back to the cabin for bedtime for the kids and reading time for the adults.  I’ve finished The Homesman and B. is reading it now.  I’m now engrossed in Diana Nyad’s autobiography.  She is a renown long-distance swimmer, and completed a swim from Cuba to Key West at the age of 64!  What an inspiration!

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