Carnival Fantasy Babysitting Cruise Review–Day Five–Last Sea Day

We had a fun but exhausting sea day as we tried to pack in as much fun as possible for the boys on their last day.  We’ve given up on Camp Carnival and attending any shows. 

We Attempt Camp Carnival One More Time

I was up at the Lido getting coffee about 6:30 am.  After I drank my coffee, I made B. some coffee and filled a glass with apple juice for Binko’s morning bottle and brought it all back to the stateroom.    I had given up getting milk for Binko–the cartons weren’t available, and he wouldn’t drink what they were putting in the jugs at the coffee station.  After everyone woke up and was hydrated, we went up to the Lido for breakfast.  By the time we had all finished a leisurely breakfast, it was about 10.30 and we decided that we would give Camp Carnival one more try.

Boppo (5) was looking forward to spending some time at Camp Carnival.  As soon as we approached the drop-off point, Binko (2) started fussing and crying, and then got almost hysterical.  Well, there was no way we were going to force him to go to Camp Carnival if he absolutely hated it.  We left Boppo at Camp for a while, and I resigned myself to spending our last sea day taking care of Binko.  This was his first cruise, and I decided that I would give him the best possible sea day that I could provide.  This requires almost no mental effort but makes for a physically tiring day.

The Optimal Cruise Experience For a Two-Year-Old

Because Binko is not toilet trained the pools, water slides, and hot tubs are verboten.  What he really likes to do is just walk around the ship and explore things.  We spent hours walking around and around the pool.  He loved throwing the bean bags from the Corn Hole game off of the main pool platform.  In fact, anything that can be thrown was done so repeatedly.  The putt putt course is fun because you have both putters and balls to roll and throw.  Tables with benches are easy to climb up and down.  Salt and pepper shakers can be lined up in many different combinations.  We did this for about 2 hours, and then it was time for lunch.

We got Boppo out of Camp Carnival for lunch and then I went took Binko back to the stateroom for a nap. Bruce took Boppo back to the upper decks for water fun.  They rotated between the pool, water slides, golf and hot tub.  We all met up at the stateroom for cartoons/wine at about 5:00, and then went up to the Lido for dinner about an hour later.  We had a novel idea–we would ALL go see the last big production show TOGETHER, as long as the boys behaved.

We Decide to Forego Shattered Eardrums at the Production Show

The show on the last night was The Brits–A Tribute to the British Invasion.  We decided to go to the top floor of the theater so that we wouldn’t bother anyone if the boys started running around.  When we walked into the theater however, both boys started holding their ears–the volume was that loud.  We weren’t  going to force them to sit through an ear-splitting show, and we didn’t want to either!  This is a recurring problem for us.  We often find the entertainment venues on cruises to be conducted at an eardrum-shattering volume.  This was one of the reasons that cruise director Mikey got on our nerves so badly.  It really wasn’t what he was saying–it was that whenever we heard his voice it was at top volume.  On most ships you can find a comfortable place in the back of the theater where it isn’t so loud, but not on the Fantasy!

So we spent our last night with a repeat of the afternoon–round and round the pool–a short time at the ping pong table–a little while at the golf course, and then back down to the pool deck to throw the corn hole bags at each other.  We all went back to the stateroom in a state of mild exhaustion.

We had been assigned a debarkation time tomorrow at 9:30 to 9:45.  We’ll have time to pack and be out of our stateroom by 8:30, so we just read/watched cartoons until about 11:00 and then went to sleep.



4 thoughts on “Carnival Fantasy Babysitting Cruise Review–Day Five–Last Sea Day

  1. We got back about 6 days ago. Even though there were many difficult aspects of the trip I would have to say that it was worth it. We didn’t know ahead of time that Binko wouldn’t go to Camp Carnival…. now we know! I think we’ll wait at least 6 months before we try cruising with him again though!

  2. Did you guys ever go into the Dining Room? My boys (4&8 yrs old) loved breakfast in the Dining Room.

  3. Unfortunately no. I would have preferred to eat in the dining room but I didn’t think the boys (5 and 2) would have behaved! Maybe in a couple of years we’ll try to bring them to the dining room.

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