Carnival Fantasy Babysitting Cruise Disembarkation and Review

We had a fairly easy disembarkation and short drive home.  I’ve made lists of what I liked and didn’t like about our cruise.

Carnival Fantasy Disembarkation

I got up early and brought two coffees and a juice bottle back to the room.  As I was finishing my coffee, everyone awakened and we packed up.  We were ready to leave the stateroom at 8:00. We rode the elevators with all our luggage and found an empty table to commandeer for our base to wait for disembarkation.  We had a leisurely breakfast and were called to disembark at about 9:30.  The custom line moved quickly and we off the ship by 10:30.  We easily walked with both kids and four suitcases back to the car at the Quality Inn.  We got home way before dark.

Just a note about our on board account–we had the $50 shareholder credit and a $25 credit from the travel agency.  I also loaded a Carnival gift card onto the account.  We left the ship with a large negative balance.  Just a few days after we arrived home, I received a FedEx envelope with a new Carnival gift card loaded with the amount we had left in our on board account.

Carnival Fantasy–What We Liked and Didn’t Like

What We Liked

  1. The crew is friendly and helpful.
  2. We always found something tasty to eat in the Lido buffet.
  3. The Blue Iguana Grill and Guy’s Burgers added variety to our buffet meals.
  4. The ship was clean and in good repair.
  5. Boppo enjoyed Camp Carnival.
  6. Golf, ping pong, bean bag toss, the pool and the water park were sufficient to entertain our 5-year-old.
  7. It was a fairly short drive to the pier for us.

Room For Improvement

  1. It would have been nice to have longer in port.  An arrival at 8:00 am and all aboard at 3:30 pm means you have to stay close to the ship.
  2. Have some venues that are not performed at top volume, especially the main production shows.
  3. Put smoked salmon back on the breakfast buffet.
  4. Don’t run out of fresh milk.
  5. How about some dance classes during the day?
  6. Embarkation and the safety drill are too long and confusing.

I’m not sure when we’ll be cruising next on Carnival.  One of the main draws was the ability to put put a two-year-old in Camp Carnival and that didn’t work out.  We’ve still got a Carnival gift card to spend, however!



2 thoughts on “Carnival Fantasy Babysitting Cruise Disembarkation and Review

  1. Thank you so much for the well-written, detailed reviews of each day of your cruise! My husband and I are cruising on the Fantasy Dec. 26 with our 5-and-a-half-year-old son and almost 3-year-old daughter, so the info you provided was valuable to me! I’m a little concerned about the milk situation, because my children are both big milk drinkers…
    Glad to hear your older grandson enjoyed the slides — I was a bit concerned they might be too advanced for my son, but it sounds like they are perfectly suited to that age group!

  2. You will generally see the cartons of milk out only at breakfast at the buffet. But you can ask for them and they will get them for you IF they have them.

    If you take your kids to the main dining room and it turns out well please come back here and tell me how you did it!

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