A Very Bad Day of Authentic Travel

I’m posting this picture to remind myself of why I like to travel in Mexico. The young girl in the picture was part of a procession in the cathedral in Taxco, which like so many Christian rituals in Mexico also has a touch of the pagan. I love her smiling sweet face which so exemplifies the openness and friendliness of the Mexican people.

Until today all our encounters have been wonderful. Today we were robbed on a city bus in Puebla. It was the perfect storm of carelessness on our part and the actions of a professional pickpocket.

We had just arrived in Puebla on a bus from Cuernavaca. We were riding a city bus from the city bus terminal to the main square in Puebla when the thief lifted B’s IPad from his bag. Granted it was an old IPad mini with a cracked screen but we had downloaded some maps that we had been relying on. The financial hardship is not great but it has put a damper on our trip. As our friend Joe would put it, we’ve had one of those “authentic travel experiences.”

Good luck and bad luck tend to build on each other and other things starting to go wrong as the day progressed–a broken water bottle that soaked a pack, arriving to a party town with no hotel rooms (I think we got the last one which was marked up 40% at $25) etc. (For privacy reasons I won’t elaborate on the etc.)

I’m not in the mood to elaborate on the other parts of the day. Maybe later.

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