8 Cruise Line Discounts You May Qualify For


In this post I will list all the different categories of cruisers that qualify for big discounts. I just used the interline rate for the first time to book a cruise!

For many years, I had been aware of some of the more obvious discounts–senior and past guest, and regional discounts.  After I read this forum post by Matt at the Saverocity forums, I realized that I may be eligible for another discount, the interline rate. Usually discounts don’t stack, so you need to decide which one will give you the biggest discount!

  1. Regional Discount— This is based on the state where you live.  For example, Florida and Georgia residents may get offered a special rate to encourage them to take a cruise that departs from Port Canaveral.
  2. Police, Firefighters, and EMT’s–active or retired
  3. Teachers–active or retired
  4. Seniors–euphemistically called 55+ so as to not offend the biggest group of cruise line clients
  5. Military–active or retired
  6. Past Guest— even if you have only cruised one time with that cruise line.
  7. Singles–In most cases single cruisers are occupying a cabin meant for at least one other person, and have to pay double. Sometimes this fare can be discounted so that the single pays 100%-180% of a single fare, instead of 200%.
  8. Interline fares–employees and FAMILIES of airline and cruise line employees.  In some cases this benefit is extended to FEDEX, Amtrak, and various and sundry groups.  I will do a future post on this particular group.

Here’s how to find out if you qualify for these rates.  I use vacationstogo.com to begin research on cruises.  They really should pay me considering the number of times I mention their site on my blog.  On the home page you will see a section on the left called “More Cruise Deals.”  Click on any group of which you might be a member.

vtg home page

For example, if you or someone in your family is active or retired military, go to Military Discounts.  Here you can see what the policy is for military discounts for each cruise line.

military discount

After you have determined which categories you belong to, go to the home page and click on the My Accounts tab at the top of the page.

go to my account

Click on Update your eligibility for special discounts.

go to my discounts

Fill in the form and save your settings.

possible discounts vtg

Next time you log in the search engine will look at all discounts and apply them to future searches.

Happy cruise discount hunting!




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