67% Off Transatlantic Flights FROM Europe

A comparison of the costs of transatlantic flights to and from Europe on Delta shows that flights originating in the EU are a fraction of those that cross the Atlantic in the other direction.  Knowing this can be helpful in booking “nested” flights if you need to fly from the US.

Transatlantic Flights to the US from Europe

I am often asked to book airline tickets for friends and family.  I was recently asked to book a round trip ticket for a friend from anywhere in Spain to Atlanta.  I found a really cheap flight on Delta from Madrid for about $600.  Below is the 5-week calendar view on the Delta website.  Prices are shown in the currency of the originating city which is euros.  The price on Oct 22 is €537, or $600.  Keep in mind that these prices are for round trip tickets.

Round Trip Fares From Madrid to Atlanta in Euro
Round Trip Fares From Madrid to Atlanta in Euro

If you look at dates later in the month, you see a lower price of 391 euro, or $434.  This is a crazy cheap fare, and worthy of a mileage run if you are into such things!  I booked the flight for my friend, but then got curious to see what the fares would be if you were traveling in the other direction.

Transatlantic Flights from the US to Europe

Roundtrip Fare Atlanta to Madrid in Dollars
Round trip Fare Atlanta to Madrid in Dollars

The fares are three times as much! You may be able to get airfare for less than that on other airlines, but these prices are directly from the Delta website.

How To Take Advantage of These Cheap Fares

Most of us are looking to fly to Europe from the US, not the other way around.  If you only have one trip to Europe planned for this year, then you wouldn’t be able to use the cheap Europe-US ticket.  If you have TWO trips planned, however, you could “nest” this ticket inside of another round trip ticket.  Here is an example:

Say that you wanted to fly to a cruise port in Europe in the fall, and you wanted to fly back to Europe to see the azaleas on the Spanish Steps in Rome in early spring.  You could buy the cheap EU-US ticket that would get you home after you disembark from your cruise, and then would get you back over to Europe at another date to see the azaleas in Rome.  Then you would buy a second round-trip ticket that would get you to your embarkation port of your cruise, and then back to the US again after you tour Rome.

So This Is How All Those Europeans Can Afford to Cruise!

Of course I’m not surprised when I see Europeans on a Mediterranean cruise itinerary.  I am so jealous that they can take a cheap EasyJet flight to Rome or Barcelona, while I have to buy an expensive ticket to get there.  Once my plane fare was MORE than the cost of my Med cruise.  I have been perplexed that so many of them can afford to take Caribbean and Alaska cruises.  Now I know!  They are paying so much less than we do to cross the same ocean!



2 thoughts on “67% Off Transatlantic Flights FROM Europe

  1. Friends took a transatlantic eastbound cruise in the Spring, and a westbound in the Fall. In between, they flew roundtrip from Barcelona to Austin and back for less than the cost of a oneway ticket home.

  2. Paul, what your friends did is a smart way to go. I’ve always wanted to do transatlantics both ways but don’t want to be gone six months. But this is a great way to do it!

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