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This morning we decided we wanted to leave Mexico a few days early. This doesn’t have anything to do with the stolen iPad incident from yesterday, although it was while discussing this we also made the decision to bail early in this trip. When we planned this trip we were heading straight for Oaxaca and Chiapas from Mexico City. At the last minute we decided to visit a friend who is wintering in Morelia. This is WEST of Mexico City, while our original destination was SOUTH and EAST of Mexico City. While we were in the area we also


A Very Bad Day of Authentic Travel

I’m posting this picture to remind myself of why I like to travel in Mexico. The young girl in the picture was part of a procession in the cathedral in Taxco, which like so many Christian rituals in Mexico also has a touch of the pagan. I love her smiling sweet face which so exemplifies the openness and friendliness of the Mexican people. Until today all our encounters have been wonderful. Today we were robbed on a city bus in Puebla. It was the perfect storm of carelessness on our part and the actions of a professional pickpocket. We


Passing Through Cuernavaca

We loved Taxco but after two nights there we were ready to move on. We had fried eggs, refried beans, and tortillas for breakfast at a stand in the Mercado. ($2). We asked for salsa picante and watched the owner put tomatoes, peppers, garlic, salt, and onion in the blender for our fresh salsa. After breakfast we visited the Spratling Museum ($2). William Spratling was an American designer and silversmith who was inspired by prehistoric artifacts uncovered in the Taxco region. The upper two floors of the museum contain preHispanic objects and pottery and the lower level has many


Up and Down in Taxco

Taxco was built on the side of a mountain and the roads are narrow, steep, and paved with stones. They are very reminiscent of hill towns in Sicily, and were built when the major mode of transportation was by foot or mule. The town is now filled with old VW Bugs that go up and down the steepest hills. Often they have to back up several times to turn a corner. We did most of our traveling on foot. Before we set out for the day we had breakfast at our hotel. It took four people half an hour


From Taxco

I’m trying something new. Previously I’ve always waited until I returned from a trip to blog about it. I’ve downloaded the WordPress app that supposedly will enable me to upload posts directly from my IPhone. This post will be very short–we’ll see how it goes! We left for the latest Mexico trip about a week ago. We just arrived in Taxco today after a circuitous route via Morelia, Huetamo, and Altimirano. This former silver mining town in built on steep hills and the altitude is just high enough so that the weather is perfect. We’ve got a great room

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Technomadia Blog

I’ve spoken often about how my travel interests have changed over the last year.  I used to be obsessed with earning miles and points and taking advantage of hacks and tricks to build up mileage balances.  My travel interests are now more aligned with actual travel, and not so much the ability to travel cheaply.  The blogs I used to read were all about credit card churning and manufactured spending, but now I like to read about people who like to travel the way I do, and who are good storytellers.  Here are two of my favorites: Technomadia I

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Eclipse Trip Finale, Downsizing, and the Boat

Warfield Park Campground, Greenville, MS

Life has been going by so horribly fast than blogging has taken a back seat.  I’m a little embarrassed that I’m now posting part of a trip report from August, and we’re approaching Halloween.  So much has been going on–I’ll talk a little more about that later. The Finale of the Eclipse Trip (Our Cargo Carrier Almost Falls Off) After we left the Ozarks, we continued south for a drive through Arkansas’ Ouachita Mountains.  After the spectacular cliffiness of the Ozarks, the rolling forests of the Ouachita seemed rather tame.  We found a Forest Service campground at Fourche Mountain