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Living on the Caribbean Princess–Last Minute Pricing

An Image of the Princess Cruise's Caribbean Princess

I’ve retabulated what it costs to live on the Caribbean Princess for the month of January 2017.  The price per day for two people in an inside cabin has dropped from $265 (March 2016 price) to $218 (post-Thanksgiving week.)  This last minute pricing would save a couple over $1400 versus booking earlier in the year! Continue reading “Living on the Caribbean Princess–Last Minute Pricing”

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Why I Like Carnival Right Now

Carnival Home Ports

I have become more interested in Carnival lately.  I like that they have three ports that are within a short day’s drive, and that they will accept kids as young as two in Camp Carnival.   Continue reading “Why I Like Carnival Right Now”

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Do You Buy Cheap First Class Airfare?

Delta Low Priced First Class

This is the first time we’ve spent cash for a first-class airline ticket.  We’ve  flown in first or business many times on award tickets, but have never paid cash for first class.  It felt good to overcome our usual ultrafrugal habits to splurge on a cheap first class short-haul. Continue reading “Do You Buy Cheap First Class Airfare?”

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Pay With Points at Chase Ultimate Rewards Cruises

Chase Ultimate Rewards Cruise Portal

You can use points to pay for the total cost of  Chase Ultimate Rewards cruises.  These rewards are earned with several Chase cards.  You can redeem Ultimate Rewards online to book airfare, hotels, and cars, but cruise redemptions must be done over the phone with a cruise specialist. Continue reading “Pay With Points at Chase Ultimate Rewards Cruises”

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My Blog and Mozart’s Piano Concerto #27


Today I listened to Mozart’s Piano Concerto 27 for the first time.  Afterwards, I wondered if writing and thinking about my blog takes up too much time and focus, and makes me less open to experiencing some of life’s unexpected joys. 
Continue reading “My Blog and Mozart’s Piano Concerto #27”

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Paying for Cruises with Marriott Points

cruises with marriott points

You can book cruises with Marriott points.  You must call the Marriott cruises website to use the points to book a cruise.  You can also choose to get Marriott Rewards points when you book online through the Marriott cruises website or by phone with a representative.  Continue reading “Paying for Cruises with Marriott Points”

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Booking Cruises With United Miles

Mileage Plus Cruises Portal

You can pay for cruises with United MileagePlus miles.  You will probably have to call to book, and you will get about 0.8 cents of value per United airline mile. Continue reading “Booking Cruises With United Miles”

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My Favorite Cruise Blog–Pescado Amarillo

Jeannie and George (in his signature yellow shirt)

My favorite cruise blog is written by someone who lives on cruise ships for half a year.  She picks a Princess ship that she and her husband use as a home base, and they spend the winter months making back to back cruises on the same ship. Continue reading “My Favorite Cruise Blog–Pescado Amarillo”

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67% Off Transatlantic Flights FROM Europe

Round Trip Fares From Madrid to Atlanta in Euro

A comparison of the costs of transatlantic flights to and from Europe on Delta shows that flights originating in the EU are a fraction of those that cross the Atlantic in the other direction.  Knowing this can be helpful in booking “nested” flights if you need to fly from the US. Continue reading “67% Off Transatlantic Flights FROM Europe”

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The Rome Guide I Want To Write

Georgina Masson's The Companion Guide to Rome

“For perfection one must look over the Ponte Sisto on a fine evening at sunset, when the sky is red behind the cypresses on the Janiculum and the faint glimmer of the floodlighting is just beginning to be perceptible in the twilight….”  reads the beautiful prose in Georgina Masson’s The Companion Guide to Rome. Continue reading “The Rome Guide I Want To Write”